GovX Earned Service Discount

Our company’s roots are in designing protective eyewear for the military. Through thousands of hours of testing our products with soldiers, we came to realize that “service” extends far back from the front lines and deep into the community. This is why we have now created military-grade eyewear adapted to daily life.

It’s also why we’ve partnered with GovX to offer an earned service discount to registered military, law enforcement, emergency medical, fire prevention and educational personnel as well as government employees of all stripes.

We use GovX ID to provide 15% off.

This earned discount only applies to US groups.

See ALL GovX ID Approved Groups Here


How to apply your GovX ID 

  • Fill up your shopping cart!
  • Click on the Shopping Cart icon in the top right hand corner 
  • Click the GovX ID option at the bottom of the payment option

    • A separate window will pop up for you to enter your GovX ID login username and password (make sure you do not have pop-ups blocked on your browser)
    • After a successful login your GovX ID discount code will populate - click USE CODE and it will apply at checkout.