Our Story


I-Form technology and design are born from the DNA of a world leader in tactical eyewear.

Having designed eyewear that protects countless soldiers around the world, our founders set out to create patented military-grade eyewear adapted to daily life.

In working for years to meet the unique needs of different militaries, we have developed unparalleled technical knowledge from the results of their thousands of hours of testing, training, and doing their job with our products.


All of our innovations focus on one thing - better performance through design.

From the flexible frame technology that absorbs and disperses impact, to the indirect venting and anti-fog system that produce clear vision you can depend on, I-Form employs product design to solve real-world problems.

We are not just creating better products but using a technological way of thinking to enhance performance throughout innovation. With over 140 patents and an industry-leading design and development process, The Best Safety in Sight is now available to everyone.